Physical Security


is primarily concerned with restricting physical access by unauthorized people to controlled facilities, limiting access within a facility and/or to specific assets, and environmental controls to reduce physical incidents such as fires and floods, and guidance on how to design structures to resist potentially hostile acts. Physical security can be as simple as a locked door or as elaborate as multiple layers of barriers, armed security guards and guardhouse placement.


Comprehensive physical security offering based on consultancy, development and implementation of solutions, including :


-Perimeter Security:


Securing perimeters of buildings, compounds, military sites, refineries, pipelines using state-of-the-art techniques developed from military technology and applications.


-Access Control &Time Attendance:

Establishment of “barriers” to physical indoor or outdoor areas to limit access to authorized personnel only as well as Time Attendance System for employees.


-Video surveillance Systems(CCTV):

Complete CCTV solutions Analogue and Digital implemented and tailored as per clients needs.


-Fire detection Systems:

Analogue Addressable and Conventional Fire Detection Systems.


- Fire Suppression Systems:

Full consultancy and implementation of FM200, ARGONITE, CO2 and Water Fire Fighting Systems.


-Building Management System (BMS):

Fully developed solution that Includes eManagement of all electrical and electronic installations .



Radio Frequency Identification; transmitting the identity (in the form of a unique serial number) of an object or person wirelessly, using radio waves. Grouped under the broad category of automatic identification technologies.




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