Electrical Contracting (High & Low Currents)


Our job is to offer services in the field of electrical contracting, low current and telecommunications engineering, interacting with the best international suppliers thus serving valuable customers, always achieving the best for all.



Earthing System


No risk of failure.

- Low electrical resistance to earth.

- An Ability to carry high currents repeatedly.

- Material used is copper and stainless steal having excellent resistance to corrosion.

- A reliable life of at least 30 years.

- World standards specifications.

Data Networking


Our Data Networks are carefully designed to meet the desire of our customers especially in terms of meeting the industry standards which means:


- Security of users through a guide to the future

- Technical Challenge to be met through price reduction

- Product Interoperability and freedom of choice


Copper, Fibre & Wireless Solutions:


We install CAT 5e/CAT 6 copper solutions as well as single mode and multimode fibre optics solutions depending on your business need


Wireless access points and wireless solutions are also our specialties for small size to medium sized networks where data cabling is not the optimal solutions




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